Fit News for You

My mom Dora and her regular work out crew at GoodLife Dougal in Windsor. Hello Fit Crew, How do you learn best?  Even my mom says, “At 87, I still learn.”  I’d love to know how you learn best or what you are learning. Your replies are a gift! For me, just off the wave … Read more

December Fit News

Ciao Fit Crew!How’s your walk into the dark days of winter starting for you? It’s no secret that when days get shorter, it can be a difficult transition for many people. December 21 is not far away and the light begins to shine a little more each day.   Did you know?  And always, I am open … Read more

Aug Fit Crew News

Hello Fit Crew! Some call August the “Sunday” of the year – the month before a busy September full of routine – school, programs.  What if we took August to prepare to enter our fall months in the best shape, in the best routines and self care possible?  I was recently reminded how much health … Read more

Fit Fam Updates for June

Hello Fit Fam! How have you been?  I absolutely LOVE hearing from you! Drop me a line and let me know how things are going – Family updates, any cool goals you’ve reached?  Let me know! It’s my favourite thing to look forward to!  Here’s the scoop: Outdoor Yoga: Starts this Monday!  A few spots … Read more


Hello Fit Crew, How are you?  We are at it again!  Another, even stricter, lockdown. What is abundantly clear is that we are resilient, and will prevail.  I know you well enough to know that you are no stranger to digging deep and now more than ever we will do this… again.  So what is … Read more

Confessions of a Fitness Instructor

After offering free online classes for 9 months at the start of the pandemic, I found it difficult to ask people to pay for the classes I offered. It almost felt like a bad word or a plea for help.  I was conflicted – how can I say I “care” and then ask people for … Read more

Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough!

Can we say “enough is enough” with the bonbons on the couch? Enough is enough with the “COVID (I gained)15”? Let’s not wait for January, or for life to go back to “normal” (is that actually a thing?). As always, I’m here to help you! I’m thrilled to be coming to you with some exciting … Read more

Fit News – Summer Edition

Summer 2020 is here! Well, as much as we could will our way to open gyms, we are yet to be in the OK zone from government health officials. I have spoken with many of you who have found their own routine with fitness and couldn’t be more thrilled to know you are still out … Read more

Fit News – Spring Edition

Hello Fit Crew! Yes, that’s still YOU! How are you?  I’d really like to know. I have written this message to you a dozen times in my head!  Like you, I’ve been receiving so much information, messages from the world – it is overwhelming. I find myself asking more questions that float in a sea … Read more