Fit News – Spring Edition

Hello Fit Crew!

Yes, that’s still YOU!

How are you?  I’d really like to know.

I have written this message to you a dozen times in my head!  Like you, I’ve been receiving so much information, messages from the world – it is overwhelming. I find myself asking more questions that float in a sea of uncertainty…. And what remains clear, now more than ever, is that connection matters. In any way that you can absorb the goodness that is created from this chaotic time.

The common link of this “Fit Crew” group is our desire to remain fit. Fit of body, mind and heart.  Staying “fit” is not quarantined – this desire still exists, even if quieted with the lack of physical connection.

So please take a moment, just reply to this email with even just one word: let me know how you are doing.

So, what CAN we do to remain fit?

 Find a Routine

Even if it’s just ONE thing a day – do a different instructor’s video daily, try meditation, read something other than the news on COVID. We’re here for a while, now’s the time to dig deep and create that constant for this environment and time.


Your fitness family would LOVE to hear from you and your favourite instructors are a plethora of resources to you. Chances are, what you need isn’t too far away. If you are wondering how to contact them, ask me, I’m more than happy to facilitate the connection.

Engage in conversations

Respond to comments, share good news, celebrate even the small successes and mourn the losses. Use whatever platform you can.


I’m all about Netflix, believe me!  Perhaps matching how much you move to the seated activities would be a good challenge? It doesn’t need to be intense – stand tall and stretch in the lineup you need to be in. Drop to a forward fold…anything… just keep movin’!

I miss you too! Let’s stay connected

NOTE: These are secure Zoom meetings.  You only need to register once.  When you click the link, it will ask you to register and the Security Codes are included in case needed.

YOGA with Lore on demand

My You Tube Channel where I post 2 new Yoga sessions a week. I have a Yoga fave playlist here too.

YOGA with Lore LIVE  

This Sunday, April 19 at 11:30 a.m. EST.  Email me for deets:

Quick Fix with Lore and Michelle – LIVE Work Out

Join Michelle Kerr and I for a quick 30 minute work out on Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7AM.  All you need are running shoes, your body and space enough to move (think how much space you’d have in a Body Pump or Yoga class).  Props/weights are bonus but not necessary.  Email me for deets:

Wednesdays 7:00 a.m.   & Fridays 7:00 a.m.

Sharing  some of my fave online resources:

  • Mo Hagan continues to motivate with these quick daily challenges on her Facebook page and Mo’ving workouts.
  • Helen Vanderberg gives a great Yoga workout and Fusion fitness.
  • Yogi master Seane Corn does a very spiritual Instagram Live Sunday Yoga service weekly at 12 p.m.
  • For fitness instructors, I’m really enjoying Lawrence Biscontini’s weekly Facebook Virtual Townhall with leaders in fitness- emphasizing a #fitnessworks campaign on valuing our online presence.
  • Innovation Works free community yoga is now online and features local instructors weekly. Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. yoga and 4:30p.m. wellness sessions (meditation/workouts and more!) sign up with Wellness Works Meet Up group and get notifications.

Challenges for you to consider:

For the mind…

I’m very interested in starting a book club sort of thing. A course that has me intrigued is “The Science of Well Being”.  Yale’s award winning 10-week course designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits.

HOW? Email me and we can co-create our circle!  Thinking a once drop in “centre” to discuss – frequency, format to be determined.

For the body…

ONERUN is going virtual. Yes, if you are looking for a physical challenge, this might be it. From May 19 – June 19, track your 100KMs of any activity. Then join our own Theresa Carriere on June 19 for her 100KM run (solo!).  Yup, she’s doing it again!  ONE RUNNER – but not alone.  Subscribe to ONERUN mailing list for details!

For the heart…

Continue to give gratitude for all that we have and for those serving us on the front line. Consider what we want to keep and what we really don’t miss. Keep your heart full of that- service and gratitude.


That’s it.

Please check in if you can. Stay safe.  Stay @home

We got this!












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