Fit Fam Updates for June

Hello Fit Fam!

How have you been?  I absolutely LOVE hearing from you! Drop me a line and let me know how things are going – Family updates, any cool goals you’ve reached?  Let me know! It’s my favourite thing to look forward to! 

Here’s the scoop:

  • Outdoor Yoga: Starts this Monday!  A few spots left
  • Retreats: Killarney and Sardinia, Italia
  • Fitness For All June Sched + Article
  • Strong Body Intensive Workshop with Michelle Kerr 
  • Friends in Fitness Challenge Starts Monday!

Outdoor Yoga: Starts this Monday!  A few spots left

There has been incredible response for outdoor yoga and I’ve been able to add another session on Mondays at 7:30 AM.  I have 5 mats left (of our 10max) – if you are interested, please EMAIL ME back!  IF you want to be put on a waiting list for other classes, let me know that too!  If the province opens up further, I can add up to 25!

There is nothing like feeling the trees and earth supporting us while we practice!

Retreats filling up!

Still a few spots for Killarney.  I may be adding a third program Sept 19-23.  Interested? You know the deal, let me know!  For more details, see HERE.

Also, I am taking names for now with hopes of Italy for Oct 3-9, 2021 (I know, I know, I’m a positive Polly!)

Fitness For All June Sched + Article

Very excited to share our recent article in London Inc. where you can read more about how this all started. A sincere THANK YOU for all you support over the years- you have all contributed to making this a reality. 

To join and see what’s up for June, check it out HERE.  

? TWO NEW CLASSES ADDED: Gliding and Older Adult Fitness 

For $1 a day, you can join a  group of exceptional instructors who have joined to provide on-line and on-demand yoga, pilates and fitness classes for you.  Fitness for All is just that!  We are thrilled to be working out with the ladies at My Sister’s Place weekly now for 2 months! 

The more people we have the more we can reach our mission:

“To provide affordable access and create a positive well being experience for all levels, all ages, and all bodies, while also providing services to marginalized women.”

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Strong Body Intensive Workshop and Workout Series with Michelle Kerr 

Are you ready to take your resistance workouts to the next level?  Strength training is essential for maintaining lean muscle mass, bone health, and working with our changing body composition as we age.  

In this 4 week workshop you will learn how to:

Lift confidently and safely.

Become stronger for everyday life – and the odd adventure!

Avoid injury and train for the long term. 

When: 4 Weeks starting July 6 – Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30pm, 1 hour

Cost: $99 for the 8 sessions

New Challenge Friends!

A HUGE shout out to those of you who joined us to the journey of our 5 Minute plank challenge. The response was TREMENDOUS and encouraged so many of us to just do it!

And now… The anticipation is over!  Announcing the Wall Squat Challenge.

Every day we will be adding 10 seconds to this one.  

New to the challenge?  Join our FB Group: Friends in Fitness Challenge.

That’s it!

Stay Safe. Stay Cool. Stay Moving!

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