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Hello Fit Crew!

Some call August the “Sunday” of the year – the month before a busy September full of routine – school, programs.  What if we took August to prepare to enter our fall months in the best shape, in the best routines and self care possible? 

I was recently reminded how much health is wealth. I was in an unfamiliar place of extreme pain in my chest and back and the inability to breathe beyond a shallow inhale.. After hours in two emergency rooms, I sat in awe and gratitude for our health care workers, and the fear of “what could it be?” I meditated – on parts of my body that were ok. It helped immensely (so did pain meds).  No real root cause was found, but I think that stress has a way of showing up, even after much time has passed. Today, I share this as I breathe deeply (yay!) with an awakened awareness of the vivid reminder of how very important a healthy lifestyle is.

My challenge to you:  Make the final weeks of summer the best weeks – prepare yourself (and your families) with self care, strength, good food habits and practicing flexibility for the coming months – BEFORE the sweaters come out. Move. These are our ingredients for personal power and longevity!  

Let me help with that…

Retreats in Review & Openings

Super Goddesses and Canadiana in BC with grounding yoga, wine experiences, spectacular views, new and kindred friendships…. We gathered to share together. A huge thanks for those who joined me in June and July.  And guess what???  They are eager to have us back!  Here’s some of the feedback. 

“Incredible value for top-notch yoga, service and breath-taking scenery. Accommodations were spectacular.” 

“How wonderful to meet new people and bonding with them in such a short time thru Loredana’s well curated experience. Friends forever.”

“We didn’t need to worry about anything. Loredana was a superb yogi, planner and ‘cruise’ director for us.” 

I’m already planning 2023 retreats back at LungoVita in Harrow (June) and Ucluelet, British Columbia (July).  Check out this short drone shot from friend and fellow yogi Jackie. 

Costa Rica, anyone?  Stay tuned!

Almost FULL _ Spots are filling up for the last 2 retreats of the year!  

(FYI, our dollar is strong against the Euro at the moment – which fairs well for us and the remarkable value of the Italian experience in Sardinia) 


View accommodations at the KML website.

To register, email with subject line “Wainwright Yoga Retreat”

 This just in!  Mel Dodge, Reiki master and creator of Ohmhale Wellness, will be joining us in Killarney for a very special “Exhale” Breathing session! Breath – our most important tool. 


TRIP DETAILS including pricing


Final days! 

Let’s get our FIT on, together.

Share with your community and network that we have launched our SUMMER PROMO: 90 DAYS OF FITNESS!

For just $30, you will get 3 MONTHS access to Fitness For All for the price of ONE. get 2 free months when you register for the ALL ACCESS PASS and pay $30 after 60 days.  Access here.

From one of our FFA fans:

“After a long break from working out, you were exactly what I needed to get back at it. It has been so much easier for me to make this part of my routine, the classes are fun, instructors are welcoming and I’m feeling like I’m getting a great workout.”

MenoUNpause is back!

By popular demand, join Theresa Carriere on the Fitness For All platform for this in depth 8 week program for $139+hst. 

New session starts Saturday, September 10 weekly at 10:30am-11:30am. 

Register HERE.

Medpoint & Fitness For All

I am super excited to be partnering with Medpoint on our Fitness For All online platform – delivering classes and nutrition talks as part of our regular line up.  And now, starting Sept 19- NEWS – we will be providing in-person yoga classes at the Medpoint co-ed gym in Riverbend, as part of their RISE program specifically designed for women. Marya Glinos and Jasna Mitchell join me. This program provides women the door to women’s health, fitness, nutrition, mental resilience and skin care. 

Learn more about RISE here

GoodLife Schedule: I’m back Sherwood!
Super excited to be back teaching at Sherwood GoodLife!

You can now find me for these live classes here:

  • Spin & Core Thursdays 12:00p.m. King/Wellington
  • Hot Yoga 10:45 a.m. Sherwood Forest 

Gifts for you… try ‘em on!

Summer 2022 Yoga Playlist

Summer 2022 Cycle Playlist

Awake natural healing (LOVE THIS ONE!)

Pilates Workout by Marya on the Fitness For All channel

And… Finally.. On a personal note…

I am super excited to let you know that I just started a new position at Oneida Nation of the Thames as their Communications Officer.  I am thrilled to be learning so much and immersing myself with a community that is deeply rooted to the land. 

That’s it!

Get ready to get ready, Fit Crew! Let’s make August our get ready for optimal health and wellness!

P.S.  Don’t forget to drop me a line and let me know how you are doing. My walk and talk calendar is open! 

P.S.S. If you want off this distro, just let me know, I get it …  we are forever connected no matter!

Much Love to you all,


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