December Fit News

Ciao Fit Crew!How’s your walk into the dark days of winter starting for you? It’s no secret that when days get shorter, it can be a difficult transition for many people. December 21 is not far away and the light begins to shine a little more each day.   Did you know?  And always, I am open … Read more

Aug Fit Crew News

Hello Fit Crew! Some call August the “Sunday” of the year – the month before a busy September full of routine – school, programs.  What if we took August to prepare to enter our fall months in the best shape, in the best routines and self care possible?  I was recently reminded how much health … Read more

Quarterly Upload for Fit Crew Members

Reaching you all in any way I can, you can join my mailing list, or check here for my quarterly Upload of information and events: Hello Fit Crew!  Here’s your quarterly upload. Give yourself a few minutes to catch up: It’s been a remarkable few months to say the least. Besides a whirl wind summer, … Read more

The Making of a Dream

It happens slowly for sure. One day a little seed is planted in your head – maybe something someone’s told you. Maybe a magazine ad or a TV scenario or a book reference embeds itself in your mind in a way that becomes personal. All of a sudden the images of actually taking the steps … Read more

Business For Good and For Profit

“Can I do good and still make money?”  This is likely the most common question I receive when coaching Social Entrepreneurs in starting a business that has the dual purpose of generating revenue and creating social impact. The evolution of impact entrepreneurship has grown as rising social, economic and environmental issues have led to increased … Read more