Hello Fit Crew,

How are you? 

We are at it again!  Another, even stricter, lockdown. What is abundantly clear is that we are resilient, and will prevail.  I know you well enough to know that you are no stranger to digging deep and now more than ever we will do this… again. 

So what is the future of fitness for us? For those that need the gym fix, it’s still going to be there.  For those that have found untapped potential in the comfort of your own homes, you will continue.  And, many people will be riding both – because community, flexibility and convenience are shaping up to be the future of fitness.  

If you are getting back in the saddle, I offer three thoughts:

  1. Ease in.  Take it slow and be smart. 
  2. The universe will always match your energy. Obsessing on NOT working out will get you more of that. 
  3. Celebrating the smallest of wins is vital to your recovery. Every step towards reclaiming your former rhythm is good- ONE workout is better than NO workout.

Just keep moving- the ultimate immune booster – because you can!

*********  Here’s what’s up *************

Mental Health Week May 3- May 8

I’m so excited to be able to share this incredible lineup – presented by Innovation Works – and includes remarkable presenters – on topics that take good care of YOUR mental health.  Daily events that lead up to a full day on Saturday May 8. You may even recognize a few peeps!  



New Blog

A huge thank you to those who have supported me in so many ways over the years of teaching. The move to offering a paid program was a tough one – and here’s my recent blog on the matter: “Confession of a Fitness Instructor: How to move from “free


As many of you know, along with fellow instructors Theresa Carriere and Michelle Kerr, we created a space to keep our fitness community alive.  Fitness For All continues to grow, with new instructors – welcome Dawn Bowman and Michelle Moses – and offers over 20 classes/weekly!

Check it out: Fitness For All April schedule with instructor lineup 

“Meeting my friends from the comfort of my own home, working out with great instruction has been my go-to resilience booster during this time.  

“So much to choose from, my body has seen changes like never before.”

Get Ready to Get Fit 

We are THRILLED to be providing a 4 week “Get Ready to Get Fit” program for those who a) may need some help getting back on the saddle b) you might know in your lives that are too intimidated to join activity or c) just don’t know how to start.  We are designing this program to help!  Stay tuned for registration details for this program that will start mid May – or REPLY back to me to be on the list for registration news so you can share the joy of activity with others.


May Medley: Saturday May 29 10AM – 11AM

Want to join the Fitness Class that’s more like a party? Join Loredana, Mo, Theresa and Michelle in what’s turning out to be the party you don’t want to miss.  This class is FREE, but you need to REGISTER HERE to join. 

Note: if you are already a Fitness For All member, no need to register it’s included!


Here’s just a few more goodies for you (because you know I love to share!) And if you are still reading:

Why we overeat (It’s not because of cabbage and apples)

Good Read: Why resistance training is essential for your health.


Meditation Corner

Some of my latest FAVE meditations, including WHY do it in the first place:

Demystifying Meditation by Joe Dispenza (25 mins on how this even works – a must watch)

Receiving Prosperity: Audio Meditation with Rodney Yee  (15 mins)

Laser Focused Mind with Nico Lucci (15 mins)

Find Space between Thoughts with Christopher Hareesh Wallis (19 mins) 

That’s it.

Stay safe. Stay home. Keep moving.

Tremendous Love to you All

Loredana  (did you catch that I went back to my real/given name?)

P.S. As always, if you want off this distribution, please let me know.

P.S.S.  You can be sure we will be doing outdoor yoga again when this is over! 

P.S.S.S. Killarney Yoga & Hiking Retreats (in Aug and Sept) are almost fully booked.

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