Remember your first time?

December 29, 2017 The power you have in January is like no other time of the year. That time when you awkwardly stepped forward… dressed in what you thought was appropriate. Ill-equipped to know any better. Just knowing that something needed to change. Do you still laugh or get butterflies thinking about your first step in a … Read more

What makes you better?

I’m a better friend, wife, daughter, mother, colleague, leader, cyclist, weight lifter, walker, runner, than I was before. I figured it out. I figured out that until I started to work “in” instead of working “out”, I could never be a better human “being”. I needed to “be.” Enter Yoga. Yoga, as I’ve come to … Read more

Why You Should Care (a lot) About the Fantastic Fascia

What comes to mind when you hear the word “fascia?” It seems to be one of the more popular buzz words in the fitness industry. Fascial fitness, fascial stretching, fascial movement…it is paired with so many fitness terms, even fascial yoga. Fascia is the connective tissue in your body that creates a web or network … Read more

How much Stuff Do we Need?

Inspired by a parking lot. I have too much stuff. There, I said it. I have too many dresses, too many shoes (really??) and too much work out gear. I can tell you how unsettling it is for me over the holidays. The feeling of obligation and indulgences wears me out.  What happens from January to November? I prefer to … Read more