What makes you better?

I’m a better friend, wife, daughter, mother, colleague, leader, cyclist, weight lifter, walker, runner, than I was before.

I figured it out. I figured out that until I started to work “in” instead of working “out”, I could never be a better human “being”. I needed to “be.”

Enter Yoga.

Yoga, as I’ve come to learn is not about seeking balance, calmness or curing chaos. What yoga has brought me is an acute awareness that every single thing in life has purpose and matters.

When I began as a student over 20 years ago, I was attracted to the physical, asana side of yoga. By teaching, I get to share the goodness beyond the physical.

I know that the more I discover about yoga, the more I want to explore. I practice and teach a mixture of Hatha, Power and Restorative Yoga. I follow the same principles on the mat as I apply to my life – using my heart first, then my head.

I welcome all “bodies” curious to know how to be better version of YOU to join me in this journey, whatever it is for you.