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How much Stuff Do we Need?

March 8, 2018 | by Lore Wainwright

Inspired by a parking lot.

I have too much stuff. There, I said it. I have too many dresses, too many shoes (really??) and too much work out gear. I can tell you how unsettling it is for me over the holidays. The feeling of obligation and indulgences wears me out.  What happens from January to November?

I prefer to consider “Happy” over an additional 11 months. Here’s what I’ll be giving all year round:

Love – More than I do now. Especially to my family. I fear that drifting has happened and I don’t like it. To my husband, I declare efforts towards date nights and reminiscing. To my daughter, even if I see you for a few minutes a day some days, so that you know I’m here no matter what. And Ma, I’ll continue to call you twice a day, even if it means you hear me panting as I walk. To my siblings – I swear I will make our day together come.

Walk and Talks – Inspired by my friends Janet Frood and Mo Hagan – Listen and Move. This does not expire and will never need to be dry cleaned. Open to anyone who cares to take a stroll… Victoria and Springbank are my current faves, but love our trails too! Reach out. I will do the same.

Forgiveness – Starting with myself. I forgive myself for saying the wrong thing or using my hot headed Italian heritage as an excuse for emotional outbursts or just plain ol’ messing up.

And forgiveness to others. I forgive you for not being at your best every time I see you, and for being human when you mess up too. Because I will do my best not to judge.

Time – With causes, with people, and without a cell phone. Giving my undivided attention as much as I can. And if I’m not doing that – call me on it (see forgiveness gift).

Yoga – What I know, and what I will explore. Within my classes, one on one, whatever suits you. Because this has been the greatest journey I’ve ever been on – so why not share?

Donations – So many causes need them. This year, instead of any Christmas gifts, I will be donating in particular to Mental Health. Because the “1 in 5” know who you are and I care deeply for your struggles and your pain. I really do.

Gratitude – Because I do believe that without it, there is no joy. (See yoga gift)

I’m no saint. And praise isn’t my currency. I know if I need something or someone, I am happy to be resilient enough to figure out how to get what I need. So I might ask for help. And I will be open to receiving all of the above, shared with lemon water or a nice Malbec.

So… what are you unwrapping this year?