Fit Crew Fit News: Winter Edition

Hello Fit Crew!

It’s that time again, you get some sprinkles of wellness goodies from me.  If you want to opt out of the quarterly download, just email me back.  I’m sad to see you go, but I get the idea of de-cluttering.  It feels good to “shake your tree” of unwanted distractions, relationships and habits not serving you.

The “roaring 20’s”  are here again. How are you stepping into your next decade?
I’m going in strong! Can we help each other out? Read more with my recent blog.

Why Yoga?
For a bunch of reasons – but mostly because it makes every activity you do better!  Strength training, cardio, balance, daily living … it makes it better.  Join me in these fab series – back by popular demand:

  • Starting Week of Jan 20:  Our 7 Week Chakra Series

The 7 chakras are the energy centres of the body.  We’ll explore each one weekly- where it is in the body, what it stands for and what it means to have an open and balanced energy centre.  You will be able to track weekly with your own “chakra card.” Don’t miss this one!

  • April/May – Foot to Head Anatomy and Yoga

I love love love the anatomy of yoga.  In this series we take a weekly look at feet, knees, hips, core and back, shoulders and head/neck. Functional movement, strength and stretch for each.

Retreats this year – Yoga and more!
Super excited to share these 2 opportunities to practice yoga in awe-inspiring settings – AND – know there is so much more to these retreats than yoga. DEETS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.  Experience “retreating” in magical places, delicious food, and authentic cultures together with like minded, fun filled humans.  I’d be thrilled if you joined – Perfect for singles, couples, girlfriends!

PORTUGAL – July 5-11  Seven days in Lamego, in the beautiful Douro Valley.  Known for wine country, we travel with a riverboat and find incredible Portuguese hospitality. Daily Yoga to welcome the day.
Looking for commitments for Portugal by Jan 30.

SARDINIA, ITALY SEPT 27- OCT 3 Just had to go back to this Italian Blue Zone!  If you missed any of the highlights, check them out in this blog/video.  This is a must on your list of places to go!  Based on feedback, we’ve added a stop at a local Agrotourismo Resto and cooking class.

Schedule updates:
Back to spin!  Wednesdays at 5:30PM at Masonville.  New playlists, same great fun.

Special yoga at King/Wellington:  1:30 PM Tuesdays is a go for 2020  AND 12:15 HOT Yoga Thursdays – just in time for winter days!

Check out my full schedule on my website.

Follow me on Spotify and get these new playlists:
High Energy/Spin: Spin Much
Chill/Yoga: Goodbye 2019Save Yourself
My fave new find: Artist LP – an incredible singer with a voice that bellows:  This is LP .  – Check out their rendition of Halo on YouTube.

Bottom Line Nutrition/Health News
Sharing a great resource that is factually based . (Jackie N thanks!) Simple reading and the part I love is they summarize the short reads with an ending with “The Bottom Line” Summary.

Nutrition Action is a paid subscription to digital or hard copy short mag OR a nonpaid sprinkle of a few articles a month.

Some of my fave articles:
Is adrenal fatigue the cause of your exhaustion?
Is your gut health linked to your mental health?

Some of my favourite things
The Five Minute Journal – made for those who don’t like to journal.  This is a game changer – honestly!  The simple act of gratitude gives the greatest joy in life.

Sometimes “fit” related, but ALWAYS insightful and very funny:
Netflix Series Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.
(Thank for the intro to this Julia W!)

Change your mind, change your life – step by step. A book that I’m loving via audio: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One
(Thanks Janice H for this recco)

Living well
You can’t swallow a healthy life, it doesn’t come in pill form. I like this article of suggestions.

Walk & Talk?
I’d love to.  One of the most favourite things of mine. I found that getting steps in is easy peasy with walking meetings. You are more creative and remember more when you move and think.  Message me if we can get this in!

That’s it – short sweet and quarterly 🙂 – I’m very interested in your thoughts about the next decade – drop me a line after reading the blog.  Got something to share?  Send it over.

Excited to meet on a mat, on a bike, or on a path with you!

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