How are you stepping into the next decade?

I will admit freely that this time of year is a bit frustrating for me.  Albeit I love the good cheer, the happier sales clerks, the genuine feeling of goodness that is in the air – yet I am left to wonder why.  Why is it now that this sense is heightened? Why, oh why can’t we live in a state of forgiveness and generosity all year long?

Many do.  I know that to be true and witnessed and been on the receiving end of generous hearts all year long. It’s been a tough year for me.  I’ve had to cash in my emotional bank account over and over again. And friends and family have caught me – caught my entire family.  With gentle arms, and sometimes heavy lifting arms, they have come through and are constantly reminding me that this too shall pass and that time will heal.  I’m starting to believe.  And I am hopeful that I translate these lessons into action.  Insert my mom, Dora’s words (Italian accent), “I’m 82 and still I learn.”

And next comes the reflection and predictions, resolutions.  I resolve not to resolve.  Instead I will urge myself to walk into the next decade strong -physically, mentally and in every important relationship I have – including my relationship with the earth.  These are our most fruitful living years – whether you are straddling your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and God Bless you in your 90’s.  The decade ahead will define your life in a way that is unimaginable today.  Yes, learn from your past, and let it go.

The “Roaring 20’s” are here.  How do you want to step into your next decade?

Decide now what your next decade will be when you cross that threshold. Imagine too, how you want to exit the next decade – that would be 2029. Rely on those around you to commit the same and hold each other accountable – because it’s better together, and easier.

Live fully and show gratitude every single day for the obvious and not so obvious.  You got this.


6 thoughts on “How are you stepping into the next decade?”

  1. I’m Going to step Into 2020 and 2029 the same as i do every day…strong, grateful and Living the dream. yOLO.

    Ps. Couldn’t get rid of the caps. Ugh!

  2. Love love love your words lore!
    You are always an inspiration!
    God! Don’t you hate it when your mother is right! Although what she says is true… we never stop learning!!
    Keep smiling, be grateful, be kind to yourself & to others!
    Love you so much lore! You got this girl!!?❤️?

    • My dearest dearest cousin who I always feel so loved by. Thank you for shining your love and light Christina, my other sister XO

  3. Ciao bella Lore, well done! I love the Reference to the Roaring 20’s!! I have big plans for this decade which not only include me but many other people in my life and all the beau souls that surely will enter. Also loved your commitment to Earth❤️ I plan to love and enjoy and embrace and protect her. I am Turning 60! How lucky am i❤️ I am healthy and happy and i am blessed enough to be Able to enjoy my grandchildren on many levels. This decade will also be releasing any non serving Fears i have been carrying in my body, my mind and in my heart. Love You Lore❤️


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