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Hello Fit Crew!  Here’s your quarterly upload. Give yourself a few minutes to catch up:

It’s been a remarkable few months to say the least. Besides a whirl wind summer, I continue to be amazed at how we truly never ever stop learning – about the world and about ourselves. A tremendous THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with me!  Loads of treats below.  As always, if you would rather be off this quarterly Fit News, don’t hesitate to let me know!

AND let me know….How are you? How are you doing with your goals?  Can I help?  Walk and Talks are my go-to meeting mode: Let’s connect!

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Recent Playlists  

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Spin Traxx

Cycle Faves

ReCharge Rest

Wanna Spin4Kids? 

Join myself, and fellow spinners Michelle Kerr and Rachel Skinner at the Budweiser Garden stage as “The Spin Doctors”.  Join our team or sponsor us as we help raise money for kids with special needs. Save the date!  Saturday November 17 starting at 9AM!

Canfitpro Take-aways

Brain Health

One of the most overwhelming themes at this year’s conference was the notion of regeneration of brain cells and neuroplasticity, by training the brain, it CAN happen!  One of my favourite presenters, Lawrence Biscontini explains further in these great articles: Training the Brain  and Plan a Workout for your Brain

Rest and Recovery

In almost every session, the notion of how to incorporate rest and recovery was a topic. Getting caught in the cycle of training and dismissing recovery can be an invitation to injury and much more.  What are the signs that you are not getting enough?  Check out this good read.  Even more reason to fit a Yoga practice into your workouts!

Functional Training and High Intensity Interval Training

These are still top trends in fitness.  No wonder – time is the greatest gift we have.  Both these workouts save time and still gives you the best bang for your buck. This is why I still find a way to bring a 5:30AM Cycle/ 6:00AM Pump class to you every Wednesday.  It works.

Did you know? Canfitpro is not just for instructors. If you are itching for some high calibre fitness learning, you should seriously consider joining some or all of the weekend.  Highly recommend Women Of Influence event with Mo Hagan, and happy to help you choose some of the faves.  Consider August 14-19 2019.

Shout out to Mr.Gym: Dave Wainwright

Learn to run?  Want to try a tri?  Ironman anyone? 

Super proud of hubby Dave as he re-directs from a career of teaching to coaching others in obtaining their fitness goals. With his new venture “WattisUp” Dave is working with others to train with power meters in running, biking and triathlons – groups and individuals.  He’s exceptional with training youth.

Check out his WattisUp website and learn how training with a power meter can get you to the start line faster and with fewer injuries along the way. After coaching for decades, six Ironman races and 52 marathons, I guess he has picked up a few tips. 🙂

Body Pump 107 is IN the house 

This has to be one of my all time favourite Body Pump releases yet!  The clean and press track has grown up!  Heavy single dead rows make their debut and focus on isolated work. This you have to try! Our Group Fitness Showcase on Oct 23 will feature this and all other new releases!

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Join me in 2019

By far one of the most rewarding discoveries for me has been creating and leading these specially designed retreats. While Yoga is a focus, these gatherings are about recharging, learning from other fantastic fitness enthusiasts and connection.  I’m happy to announce three distinct retreats for you to choose from:

One Day: London, Innovation Works 

Donna Lumani joins me again in this combination of fuel for the body with wholesome food and demos and grounding yoga.

Eat This Up II Registration

Three Days: Oxley, Kingsville on shore of Lake Erie

I just can’t get enough of the beauty of the stunning grounds on Lake Erie at Oxley Retreat Centre.  With a visit to a fabulous winery on Friday night, ladies are in for a transformative weekend with other SHEros!

ReCharge ReTreat Registration

Seven Days: Sardinia, Italy

I knew something extraordinary was possible when I stepped foot on the Island of Sardinia.  Known as a Blue Zone or Centurian Island, you will find out quickly why people live to be 100 years old.  Yoga and fun excursions are lined up at this beautiful piece of the world for you.  Only a few spots left all ready!  Flyer attached.

Email me back directly if interested.

Speaking of Community Impact

You likely know that my full self is all about creating impact – including the phenomenal world of Social Innovation. I count my blessing every day when working with individuals who care deeply about our community. If you are interested in some incredible happenings with epic humans – tune into Innovation Works London where we host things like this:

Yoga and Meditation

Sign up for Wellness Works Meet Up for FREE yoga at Innovation works every Thursday at 8:30AM.

That’s it!

Stay in touch: Reply back!

As the weather gets colder, remember the single most important thing you can do for yourself is to just move.

See you soon!


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