The Making of a Dream

It happens slowly for sure. One day a little seed is planted in your head – maybe something someone’s told you. Maybe a magazine ad or a TV scenario or a book reference embeds itself in your mind in a way that becomes personal. All of a sudden the images of actually taking the steps to make one wild dream closer to reality forms. There is a point, a very brave point, where the idea is vocalised. You say it out loud usually to yourself at first, then you cross the abstract line when you let the words leave your mouth to the ears of another. In my world, the person would be someone that would listen, deeply, and without judgement. They might inquire, ask hard questions or point out the obvious and will always, always shine a bright green light on it. If I’m lucky, they would add « I’m in! »
This then becomes the engine that could, gathering what it needs to achieve.

Money often becomes the greatest challenge. « How, oh how, could I possibly afford this? » When the answer becomes « How can I not? » then the resources become apparent – in some way it becomes possible financially because the priority stake is in the ground. As I approach the mid point in my life too, I consider my physical abilities. Funny how this crept up quickly when only a few years ago limitations never really entered my mind. So when I know I can walk well, think relatively clearly, speak to be understood (even if language is a barrier), I ask again « How can I not? »

And then you start collecting your people. People with all kinds of purpose. Some are there to guide your vision. Some remove roadblocks. Some remind you that you are capable. Some actually meet your dream in the same nebulous stratosphere where it was created. And now YOU have become the enabler of dreams. This, to me, is the burst of light, the spark of life that fills my heart and makes me shake my head in awe – the unexpected outcome that I would have never ever imagined. Mostly because it’s a personal journey for someone else’s dharma or path. And it’s in all shapes and forms, none of which you could ever predict.

And when I am experiencing the magic – when I am « living the dream » that’s when I pause. It’s not easy – that’s what makes it so much sweeter when realized. It comes with a lot of commitment and connections. And the sweetness of it all moves from my mind to a physical reaction of goose bumps and jumping-out-of-my-skin kind of joy when I am encouraged the most:

To never ever stop dreaming.

Yogis in Portugal

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